Information on Classes

Information for existing students. If you are interested in joining the dance school, please visit our prospective students page.

Children 6 years & under

Please click on the class below that is relevant to your child’s age.
Parents of current students, please note that your child may move into levels at a younger age than those listed below when they have the relevant experience and skills.
18 months to 3 years

Enquire: Melody Movement

3 to 5 years

Enquire: Nursery Dance

GIRLS 5 to 6 years

Enquire: Preparatory Dance and Tap

BOYS 5+ years

Enquire: Preparatory Dance and Tap and Junior Funky Moves

Children 6 years & over

Classical – Ballet & National Dancing

6 to 7 years – Pre-Primary Ballet
7 to 9 years – Primary Ballet
9 to 15 years – Ballet Grade Classes and National Dancing

Modern & Commercial/Street Dancing

GIRLS 6 to 7 years – Primary Modern
BOYS 6 to 7 years – Junior Funky Moves and / or Primary Modern
GIRLS 7 to 9 years – Grade 1 Modern
BOYS 7 to 9 years – Boys Modern & Street Dancing
BOYS & GIRLS 10 to 15 years – Modern Grade Classes & Commercial/Street Dancing

Tap Dancing

6 to 7 years – Pre-Primary Tap
7 to 9 years – Primary Tap
10 to 15 years – Tap Grade Classes

Other dance classes for children and students

The following classes are only available to students who attend classes in our core subjects of classical, modern, and / or tap.  And, some of these classes are compulsory to be taken alongside some grades of some of the core subjects.

Body Conditioning classes
Contemporary Dance classes
Gymnastic Skills classes
Festival Ballet Classes
Acting classes