Other Information about SLDS


If a child is not preparing for an examination, show or presentation, we do not need to be informed if they will miss only one or two lessons.  However, please do notify the office if your child will miss three or more lessons in succession.

If a child is preparing for an examination, you must notify the office as soon as you know your child will not be able to attend the lesson or examination practise.  In most cases a private lesson will need to be arranged for your child your catch up on the work he / she has missed.

Birthday Parties

We run fun dance parties on selected Sunday’s and during school holidays for children’s birthdays. The children all have a fantastic time whilst learning dance movements / routines they can show to their parents and friends.

Your child could choose to have a street dancing party, ballet dancing party or themed dance party. If you are interested in getting more information on this, please contact us to get an application form and check available dates.Good Time 1

Keeping in Touch

Please ensure that you call or e-mail the office, or write a note and put it through the office door if you change address, telephone number or e-mail address.
Also, during term time, if you will not be checking your e-mails for a period of two weeks or more, please let us know so that we can post to you a copy of any relevant information.


It is essential that we minimise interruptions from latecomers.  Our ‘lateness policy’ is therefore crucial as it ensures that the lessons are focused and productive.  Our ‘lateness policy’ is as follows;

If your child is in Melody Movement, Nursery 1 dance, Nursery 2 dance, Preparatory dance and tap, Pre-Primary 1 ballet, Pre-Primary tap, Primary modern (non-examination class) or Junior ‘Funky Moves’ they will not be allowed into the class if they are more than 10 minutes late.

Please respect this policy otherwise it disrupts the rest of the children in the class.

If your child is in Pre-Primary 2 ballet, Primary modern (examination class), Primary tap, Level 1 commercial/street, Boys Street (I), Primary National and grades above or Gymnastics skills classes and you are late, please knock the door and wait for an answer.  The teacher will decide whether they can participate or watch the class; the teacher’s decision will depend on

  • How late the child is
  • How often the child has been late before
  • The stage of the class and exercises planned for the remainder of the lesson

The teacher’s decision should be respected for the child’s safety and in consideration of the other class members (each case will be considered on an individual basis).

If your child is late and is preparing for an examination, show or presentation in their class, the teacher will allow them to join in whatever the stage of the class as long as they are able to properly warm themselves up in preparation to dance.


Moving up to the next level class(es) without examination

A child can remain in a level for one to six terms due to differing rates of physical and cognitive development; it is not unusual to remain in a level for over a year. Work is not repeated, it is developed at a rate suitable for the individual.

If your child’s teacher decides that they are ready to move up to the next level of class from the following term, the invoice you receive a few weeks before the end of term will provide full details of the new class day and time so please always read your invoice carefully and contact use if you have any problems. It is always useful to keep up to date with the entire school timetable (see timetable page, brochure and studio notice boards) so that you can foresee which class(es) your child will move up to next and inform us of any potential timing challenges so that we know well in advance and we can try to accommodate your needs.

As our teachers are qualified and experienced professionals, we politely request that parents / guardians don’t question their judgment over whether a child is ready to move up to the next level, but we do suggest parents attend enrolment day to obtain feedback from the teacher on their child’s progress and development.

New students aged 9 years plus with experience

In most circumstances it is necessary for new students aged 9 years plus who have had any previous experience in dance to undertake an assessment to establish their entry level before commencing classes. Assessment fee will depend on whether it is an in class or individual assessment.

Physical Development

Teachers endeavour to keep parents / guardians informed of any concerns over the physical development or alignment of a child. This may involve recommendation to seek professional medical advice, or the demonstration of basic remedial exercises. This is for the long term physical benefit of the child whether they do or do not wish to enter into the dance profession.

Progress Reports, Watching Classes and Feedback


We do not allow parents to watch every lesson as the distraction of a large audience would significantly affect the progress of the children. However, if a child has any problems settling into a class we will, of course, liaise with their parents to find the best solution.

Thereafter, parents are normally invited to observe their child’s last class of term once a year to view progress (usually during the Summer term – please refer to summer term newsletters for dates) but please note that no young children or babies are allowed into the studio with their parents to watch a class. This is for the benefit of the children participating so that focus can be sustained. On the occasion we feel that a class is not ready for observation, we would notify the relevant parents in advance.


Written progress reports are given to children in Primary ballet and Grade 1 tap / modern and above each July. Below these grades and in subjects other than ballet, tap and modern, we feel it is unnecessary to provide a formal report; we would however, contact the parent / guardian if appropriate.


The best opportunity to obtain detailed feedback from your child’s teacher is on feedback day which is held each term usually on a Sunday.  Teachers kindly give up their Sunday once a term to provide this service for parents / guardians. This facility is not covered by the fees for classes and administration. We hope you support and appreciate this exceptional service which sets SLDS apart from the majority of other dance schools. Details of each term’s feedback day will be outlined in the newsletters sent out during the term.

Please note the following information about feedback day:

  • As feedback places are limited and booked on a first come first served basis, if it is very important to you that you obtain a feedback slot, you should ensure that you visit the studios immediately in order to sign up.  We cannot be held responsible when parents / guardians leave until well after the sheet has been put up and then find it is full.  It may mean you need to come to the studios in order to sign up on a day you do not normally come to classes.
  • We cannot accept bookings for feedback day via email or telephone.
  • Once all the feedback slots are taken, we will not be in a position to supply any additional slots. We are also unable to assist with any feedback request after feedback day, nor provide feedback from the teachers in attendance on feedback day at any other time. However, rest assured that if there were any issue regarding your child that their teacher felt they needed to discuss with you, we would get in touch.
  • You need to know the name(s) of your child’s teacher(s) and sign under their name. Slots are limited to ONE slot per child so you will need to choose which teacher you most wish to see if your child has more than one teacher.
  • If any slots are booked and parents / guardians do not attend and do not have a good reason for this, in consideration of other parents / guardians who require feedback slots, those parents / guardians will not be offered the opportunity to attend feedback days in future.
  • Parents / guardians who booked a slot and did not attend feedback day last term and did not contact us to let us know should NOT sign up for this feedback day – if they wish to obtain feedback they should email the relevant administrator to discuss the situation.


Additionally, If a teacher had any concern regarding a child’s development or behaviour, rest assured we would contact you immediately. Likewise, if you have a particular concern and it cannot wait until enrolment day, please call or e-mail the office. As changeover times between classes are minimal and teachers need to have a break and reset equipment, we ask that parents / guardians choose a more suitable time to discuss progress.