Melody Movement

Information for boys & girls under 6 years

Please note: if you are enquiring for more than one child, you will need to complete and submit separate forms for each child.

Age range: 18 months to 3 years

Melody Movement classes at SLDS introduce children from 18 months to music and natural movement.  Toddlers attend classes with their parent / carer and go on adventures with ‘Melody Bear’ and the teacher.  Each lesson, ‘Melody’ follows a new theme allowing the children to discover different aspects of natural movement.  Parents / carers participate fully encouraging their child to develop new physical skills, respond to the music / teacher and become more aware of others and the surrounding space. Through the experience of attending Melody Movement classes your child will be well prepared for his/her next stage of learning dance at SLDS which is Nursery 1 dance.

Your child’s first class

When you arrive at the studios for the first time, you will need to press the buzzer on the door and wait for a teacher to answer or to be let in by the office.  Ensure you ask your child’s teacher for the door combination code so that you can let yourself in for the next lesson.

If you have a buggy/pram with you, you will need to bring a bicycle lock with which to lock it up in the undercover area at the back of the studios, outside.  This is most important as we cannot store buggies/prams inside the building.  If you choose to do this then you can ask the teacher for the back door code to use after leaving your buggy outside.

Your child’s teaching assistant or a member of our administration staff will be available before the first lesson to finalise any paperwork/fees.  We recommend that uniform items are obtained in advance of your child’s first lesson as this can help the child to have a feeling of inclusion in the class.

The changing rooms, toilets and office are upstairs.  When your child is changed, you will need to wait outside the appropriate studio door until the teacher is ready.  Please ensure your child is changed in plenty of time as there is nothing more unsettling for a child than coming into a new class late.

Parents/carers participate fully in Melody Movement classes so you too should wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in.

Children should bring with them a teddy bear / doll with which to dance.  This should not be their very favourite toy or comforter as there will be moments in the class when the toy will need to be left alone!

Please note

  • Only one parent/carer per child will be allowed into the studio otherwise the sheer number of adults in the room could be overwhelming for the children
  • Children/babies who are not enrolled in the class will not be allowed into the studio
  • Parents/carers are fully responsible for encouraging their child to join in the class and disciplining their child when necessary

Class Times

Saturday 09.00 – 9.30am Studio 1
Saturday 10.20 – 10.50am Studio 1


Girls Uniform

  • Skirt and cardigan to be purchased from the dance school before first lesson (£17.00 total for both items)
  • Any white vest and pants or white footless babygrow to be worn underneath
  • Bare feet

Boys Uniform

  • Any black shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • Any white vest or white footless babygrow 
  • Bare feet



Melody Movement £95 12 week term


Please note, the following additional fees:

  • Annual membership (Autumn term – all current students) – £10
  • Registration fee (Autumn Term  – new students) – £10
  • Registration fee (Spring Term – new students) – £7
  • Registration fee (Summer Term – new students) – £5