Adult Dance Classes

Age 16+ years

We give adults of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn and enjoy ballet, tap and modern / street dance classes at varying levels.

We have experienced and inspiring dance teachers who are fully committed to passing on their in-depth knowledge and passion for dance.  Our teachers are ex-performers and / or are qualified by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD).

In our non-professional adult classes, through exercises and routines, you will learn technique and dance movements.  Classes help improve fitness (strength, flexibility and stamina), coordination and confidence.  All this whilst meeting new people, forgetting the pressures of everyday life and having fun!

Adult Ballet Classes

Adult ballet tone (I) – Wednesday 8.30 -9.30

This class will be for people who have basic ballet experience and who want to improve posture, strength and flexibility through learning ballet basics.  Body conditioning exercises and technical ballet movements / exercises will be taught and balance, control and coordination developed.

Adult ballet tone (II) – Wednesday 7.30 -8.30pm

Suitable for those with at least one to two years experience in ballet as an adult or the relevant experience as a child. This class focuses on improving posture, strength and flexibility through ballet related body conditioning exercises and technical ballet movements / exercises. Balance, control and coordination are developed as well as a sense of classical style and artistry.

Adult ballet (III) – Monday 8.15 -9.30pm

Suitable for approximately Grade 4 to Advanced 1 standard in ballet. A comprehensive ballet class working on technique as well as artistry; suitable for dancers with many years experience in ballet.

Adult Tap Classes



This class will suitable for complete beginners. Basic tap technique and steps will be taught and put together in sequences to various different types of music. Rhythm and coordination are improved as well as physical stamina and control.

Adult tap (II) – Thursday 8.45pm -9.45pm

Suitable for those with one/two years plus experience. Building upon basic technique, new tap steps are taught and put together in sequences to various different types of music. Rhythm and coordination are improved as well as physical stamina and control.

Adult tap (III) – Monday 8.30 -9.30pm

Suitable for Grade 4 to Intermediate standard. A comprehensive American style tap class suitable for dancers with experience above Grade 4 tap level or many years experience in tap dancing.  This class challenges both mind and body!

Adult Jazz/modern/street

Adult Jazz/modern/street/stretch – Tuesday 8.30pm -9.30pm

The teacher adapts the routines to suit individuals so this class is suitable for all levels (except professional level). This class includes a thorough warm up, stretching and strengthening work followed by practicing different dance movements and ultimately learning a few routines of contrasting modern dance styles over the term.

Cost of Adult Classes

Adult 45 minute class £94 12 week term
Adult 60 minute class £128 12 week term
Adult 75 minute class £152 12 week term

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Below is a guide of what to wear for your classes.

Dance clothing items and dance shoes should be purchased from a specialist dance shop –  ‘Duo Dance’ in Herne Hill is the closest  – 020 7274 4517. Please do not wear any large items of jewellery

Adult tap and ISTD majors tap classes – clothing and shoes

Capezio ‘character’, ‘buckle bar’ or ‘premier’ tap shoes in black. Wear anything comfortable – loose trousers are good with any top

Adult ballet and balletone – clothing and shoes

Black canvas split-sole ballet shoes with crossed black elastic

Capezio black dance tights

Black leotard (Capezio with bra lining recommended – but without crossed straps). Alternatively, black vest top and stretchy black shorts

Optional: Capezio black wrap over ballet skirt if wearing leotard

ISTD majors ballet classes – clothing and shoes

Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes with crossed pink elastic. Pointe shoes (please show them to the teacher to check fit before sewing on ribbons and elastic) 

Any suitable leotard without crossed straps. Pink ballet tights without seam

Optional: any suitable ballet teaching skirt 

Adult jazz / modern / street / stretch – clothing and shoes

Optional and will depend on style of dance being taught each lesson.

Come to the first lesson with;

Normal trainers (not muddy!) 

Jogging bottoms / jazz pants. Tightish t-shirt or vest top 

ISTD majors modern classes – clothing and shoes

Bare feet preferred, or foot thongs or split sole jazz shoes (with or without laces)

Any suitable leotard and matching dance tights or any catsuit 


For full details uniform please click here